Mirror Vela 36-inch Whitewash Oak


Product Description

This is the Vela series of wall-mounted mirrors, shown here in 36-inch Whitewash Oak. Featuring an attractive wooden finish, the rounded edges are simple and elegant. Vela brings a sense of organic nature to the bathing space. The various wooden tones offered in the Vela mirror will match Karton vanities perfectly.

  • The mirror is fully assembled and easy to install.
  • Solid wood frame. Due to the natural wood veneer we are using on the finishing of the mirror frame, joints are extremely visible and color darkness may be varied on the same mirror.
  • Wall mounted mirror.
  • Elegant large frame with round edge mirror.
  • Comes with metal inset hangers attached to the back of the mirror.
  • Mirror can be installed vertically and horizontally.

Color: Whitewash Oak

Dimension: 35 1/2"(Width) x 29 1/2" (Height) x 1 1/2" (Depth)